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Work Station

Dedicated work station computer
From vertical to horizontal, you can change
the direction of the screen as you want.

Versatile Clinical Application

Up to 64patient monitors
can be checked by single screen,
More than 39 patient monitors can be checked by dual-screen ,
Review and print uncompressed holographic wave within 72 hours,
Bidirectional control makes one-stop Info management come true.

Multi-mode Network Connection

By 5G, WIFI and LAN, you can connect to central monitoring system anytime and anywhere.

Remote Control Central Station

Through internet, patient Info can be shared
among different hospitals easily.
Truly realized remote diagnosis

Information Share Service

Through internet, you can check the monitor
information of different hospitals.By cell phone, iPad and
computer, you can check patient Info quickly and
opportunely as you want. Fulfill remote medical diagnosis
and information sharing.

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