34-inch Curved Monitor with High Resolution
More comfortable viewing experience
Electric Lift
One key to optimal height
Intelligent Obstetrics Screening Ultrasound System
Cutting-edge CS Platform with industry-unique super-resolution imaging technology
Ergonomic designs and efficient AI workflow, providing an extraordinary user experience
CS Platform
Powerful data processing and transmission capabilities
Bring a qualitative leap forward to the user experience

wiMicro:Super-resolution Imaging Technology
Acquire high resolution image display after zoom-in
wi-wi-Intelligent Review Workstation
Intelligently identify and classify the standard views of ultrasound images
Greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the misdiagnosis rate
Report Assistance
Intelligent acquisition and transmission of ultrasound images
Display report and historical exam data in the same screen
Simplify the workflow and improve the efficiency
Cloud-based Remote Communication
Real-time remote consultation
Build a information community among experts and technology
First Super Large Curved Display Monitor In the Industry
More immersive, natural and comfortable viewing experience
Versatile Transducers
Meet the requirements of different clinical needs
Exceptional Image Quality
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Product pictures
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