2023 Distributor Meeting | Guangdong, China

2023 Wisonic Global Distributor Meeting Comes to a fruitful end! The gathering, held on Oct. 27, was a resounding success, focusing on strengthening the bond between Wisonic and our dedicated partners.

Under the theme "Connect, Collaborate, Succeed", this meeting provided us with a broad platform for enhancing mutual understanding and fostering collaboration. The meeting featured an exclusive tour of our headquarters and intensive product training sessions. This immersive experience provided valuable insights into our operations and helped partners gain a deeper understanding of Wisonic.

Besides, partners were treated to a captivating city tour, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Shenzhen.

The pinnacle of the  Distributor Meeting 2023 was the Gala Dinner, where President Li and Vice President Forrest delivered inspiring speeches highlighting the importance of the connection and our partner's invaluable contribution to our success. During this gala dinner, outstanding partners were honored and awarded for their exceptional performance and dedication.

Our Distributor Meeting "Connect, Collaborate, Succeed" proved to be an instrumental platform  to deepen our understanding, reinforce existing relationships, and cultivate new partnerships. The gathering fostered an environment that promoted open dialogue, shared goals, and strengthened the bond between Wisonic and our partners.

We sincerely thank each participating partner and guest for their support and involvement.

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