Medica 2023 | Düsseldorf, Germany

MEDICA 2023, one of the largest medical trade fairs, took place from Nov. 13 to 16. MEDICA once again showcases the rapid development and immense potential of the medical and healthcare industry.Wisonic shone again in Düsseldorf with our innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors around the world during the MEDICA. Your enthusiasm and interest have greatly honored us!  We have witnessed a significant number of attendees and have heard your interests and trust in our products and solutions.

We appreciate the collaboration and efforts of our team. Our team members are passionate, professional, and efficient in providing positive experiences to every visitor. Also, our latest premium Obstetrics and Gynecology system Lotus - the first ultrasound with 34 inch curved screen around the world, is on display. The enthusiastic feedback and interactions from attendees further strengthen our commitment to providing innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.

The end of the exhibition does not mark the end of our journey.  We will continue to devote ourselves to deepening our presence in the medical and healthcare industry, offering even better solutions and services. We believe that through continuous innovation and collaboration, we can together drive the advancement of the medical and healthcare sector and make greater contributions to healthcare!

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